Get It Done: Your Guide to SoMa’s Working Cafes

Excellent. Your boss let you work from home for the day, and you're excited to get away from the noisy office and knock out a ton of work. You sit...
Elaine Gavin

Finding the Perfect Neighborhood in San Francisco

We all dream of finding “the one.” The one who completes us, makes us feel safe, and always keeps us guessing. If only a fairy godmother would show...
Meg Trowbridge

6 Things You'll Want to Know About Coliving

Until recently, housing choices for middle-income workers in major cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles were pretty limited, and none of them...
Jenna Lee

Things To Do In Venice If You’re Not A Beach Person

Admit it: sometimes you just don’t feel like going to the beach. Starcity’s Venice coliving space is just a hop away from the sand and surf, but even...
Sarah Hatheway

How To Spend a Day In Venice

You find yourself in Venice on a beautiful morning with the whole day ahead of you. Maybe you’re just exploring, or maybe you’ve just moved into the...
Taylor Stephens

12 Things You Need To Do When Living In Venice Beach

Good morning. You’ve moved into your Starcity coliving community, and guess what? It’s epic. Who wouldn’t want to live right in the heart of Venice,...
Taylor Stephens

The Best Breakfasts And Brunches In Venice Beach under $20

Venice is known for its sandy beaches, sparkling surf, and laid-back, bohemian vibe. 
Sarah Hatheway

Where to Find Great Pizza in North Beach

We sent fearless food writer Alissa Merksamer to find the best pizza outside our North Beach Starcity community’s doorstep. Here’s what she found:
Alissa Merksamer

How To Know If Coliving Is Right For You

Cities are amazing. Finding a great place to live in cities is... less amazing.
Steph Knapp

What to do in the Mission? A Starcity Adventure

Part 1: It’s Monday evening. You’re sitting in your bedroom in the Mission. You hear a dog bark in the distance and a breeze waft through the window...
Meg Trowbridge
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