31 Free (or Cheap) Things to do in San Francisco

So you’re looking to get out and enjoy the city, but you’re afraid of spending a lot of money. Great news! There’s a ton of cool, local stuff to see...
Margaux Poupard

Your First Year Living in LA

You’re thinking of moving to LA. And if you decide to live in one of Starcity’s coliving communities, it’s guaranteed you’ll be in awe of your new...
Taylor Stephens

Mistakes People Make When Moving to LA

Tired of people telling you everything you need to do when you move to LA? While there are plenty of things to do near your Venice Beach Starcity...
Taylor Stephens

Finding Your Scene in LA: Where to Live and Hang Out in Los Angeles

As discussed in our other article, Mistakes People Make When Moving to LA, newcomers can often get confined to their neighborhood. In your case, this...
Taylor Stephens

Marina del Rey Nightlife Made Easy

When people think of Marina del Rey, they don’t think of flashy clubs with throbbing bass, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a thriving nightlife....
Taylor Stephens

How to Get the Best out of the Marina del Rey Beach Life

You’ve moved into our Marina del Rey co-living space. You’re having the time of your life, and you’ve decided it’s time to hit the beach. If you walk...
Taylor Stephens

Breakfast vs. Brunch: Battle for the Marina

Nestled into a cozy nook of Los Angeles, Marina del Rey exists as a peaceful reprieve from the noise of the city. But despite its calmer streets and...
Taylor Stephens

Get It Done: Your Guide to SoMa’s Working Cafes

Excellent. Your boss let you work from home for the day, and you're excited to get away from the noisy office and knock out a ton of work. You sit...
Elaine Gavin

Finding the Perfect Neighborhood in San Francisco

We all dream of finding “the one.” The one who completes us, makes us feel safe, and always keeps us guessing. If only a fairy godmother would show...
Meg Trowbridge

6 Things You'll Want to Know About Coliving

Until recently, housing choices for middle-income workers in major cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles were pretty limited, and none of them...
Jenna Lee
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