We kicked off 2020 by setting a goal for ourselves to be the best neighbors we could be to our members. Though this year ended up being more challenging than anyone could have anticipated, we’re grateful for what we’ve been able to accomplish, the communities we’ve been able to build, and ultimately, having done it with all the Starcitizens at our side.

What’re we most proud of?

Giving back. 

The combined generosity of our team, members, and investors, helped us raise over $10,000 for social justice organizations focused on anti-racism and equality work. This $10k was matched on a per-cause basis by our CEO, Jon, and donated to the below funds, chosen by you:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Black Vision Collective
  • We the Protestors
  • Reclaim the Block
  • Legal Defense Fund
  • ACCE Action
  • Campaign Zero
  • Know Your Rights Camp
  • Compton’s Transgender Cultural District



In deciding what road to embark down next, we use the same question each time to guide our decision: will this help people? This year we launched two of our most ambitious and out-of-the-box endeavours yet, Airloft and invest.starcity.com. Both of these projects are near and dear to our heart because in the end the biggest beneficiaries are our Starcitizens today and the future Starcitizens of tomorrow.

This year brought the launch of Airloft, a bed that transforms our coliving suites into a living room at the touch of a button. Airloft was designed, engineered, and handcrafted by Starcity’s in-house R&D team. They came up with the idea when they lived in Starcity and wanted some more private space. Now our members can reserve the first fleet of Airlofts for a low monthly rental rate. 

Just this past month we launched invest.starcity.com, a first-of-its-kind online platform that allows accredited investors the opportunity to contribute to Starcity development projects. This level of innovation allows us to increase the standards of our member experience for all of you and build more communities for Starcitizens to come. 

The new platform launches with our upcoming cutting edge project in San Francisco – Starcity Minna. The building is an impressive 16-story, 122,300 square foot ground up development featuring groundbreaking modular construction technology. 53% of units are designated as deed-restricted below market rate affordable units, with rents as low as $900-$1000 a month. Starcity Minna will usher in much needed affordable housing to San Francisco. 

Growing our communities. 

Though we had to say goodbye to a few familiar faces on our team and in our homes, we were also able to welcome so many new ones! Joining coliving and finding community during the pandemic turned out to be an amazing decision for so many of our members, and we’re lucky to have them.

Bringing events home. 

Each and every community has grown stronger over the course of this year. We’ve loved helping you host your own events, seeing those who have participated in our events virtually, and learning more about what’s important to each of you in your living experience. 

Creating more homes, in more cities, for more people. 2020 saw us launch our first international homes in Barcelona, open our doors to more members in the Bay Area, and acquire our coliving peer, Ollie, making us an international and bicoastal community. Starcity will now operate over 1,500 units globally, with over 3,000 units in its development and operations pipeline throughout North America and Western Europe and over 10,000 units in negotiations.  In 2021 we’re launching more new communities that we have in a single year to date!


Take a peek at some of our newest communities — and if you’re interested, we’d be happy to give you a virtual tour!

Mid-Market BEI

At Mid-Market BEI you’ll find the community oriented experience of coliving is set alongside the luxury and comfort of a hotel. A revolutionary new offering, Mid-Market seeks to provide a unique long term housing option through the conversion of 120 hotel rooms into a bustling three floor coliving community within the BEI Hotel in San Francisco. Starcity members living at Mid-Market BEI will have access to all of the building amenities, from the state of the art Wellness Center to the expansive ground floor lounge. We’re now accepting applications, so feel free to check out more here!

As the first Starcity community on the Eastside of LA, NoHo helps extend our galaxy to an exciting new neighborhood. Lovingly created by the Ollie team, the NoHo community is a collection of coliving groups housed within townhome-like apartments. The building was designed by the highly acclaimed Tighe Architect design firm and features large open floor plan communal areas and a refreshing backyard patio — perfect spaces for community building. Our first new members just moved in, and we can’t wait to welcome even more! Feel free to check out more about NoHo here!


Located on Ellis Street in the Tenderloin just a couple of blocks from the bustle of Union Square, our Tenderloin community is the latest chapter in a storied history. First constructed in 1910 as Burns Hammam Baths, the elegant Beaux Arts building at 229 Ellis Street was a luxurious Turkish steam bath and sauna for decades. It was a space for bathers to meet over a card game or rest comfortably amid a beautiful backdrop. It will now feature 55 coliving units and is the first purpose-built coliving development on the West Coast of the United States. Launching in early 2021, anyone interested can join our growing waitlist here!

And just because we appreciate you making it this far, we’ll let you in on a secret. We have two more communities opening up in North Hollywood this quarter! Soon Beverly and Edenhaus will be accepting our first applications. Stay tuned for our official announcement!


Weathering the storm, together. 

Despite the constant learning curve of 2020, we’ve been able to adapt. From gathering your feedback on COVID-19 safety protocols, to providing support for those who fell on hard times, we tried our best  to get creative and show up for each other when we needed it most. We’ll be providing a comprehensive update on our plan to address COVID-19 in 2021, so check back on our blog soon!

Our mission has always been to make great cities accessible to everyone. As we grow and learn, we promise to never lose sight of that mission. We will continue to improve your member experience, learn from this trying year, and be the best possible neighbor we can be. 

We’re so excited for the promise of the new year, and hope you’re excited for it too. Here are some of the things Staritizens are looking forward to this year: