So many of us have traveled to a foreign country and have had this feeling of being the image of the perfect dumb tourist with a sign on our back. Even though we are no longer recognizable for the white long socks and  flip flops, a sheet size map and a big camera hanging from our neck, usually the places we use to go are the ones that betray us and speak out loud our little secret: WE ARE TOURISTS!! We tend to take tips from old outdated blogs or even PR’s in front of the restaurants offering us tempting paella + tapas + sangria offers that we use to take. But if you are one of those people that likes to feel the city like a true local, we give you the ultimate guide with the 7 must see terraces in Barcelona. 

  1. BUS TERRAZA: the new place to be in Barcelona. A very versatile and remodeled space being the music the main element of this amazing terrace in Parc Fórum Barcelona. Bus Terraza mixes the Mediterranean cuisine with music: live music during the week and Dj sessions on the weekends. This concept has turned this amazing terrace with sea views the perfect afterwork from Monday to Friday and one of the best open-air restaurants to eat and dance until midnight on weekends. Without a doubt, Bus Terraza is one of the latest trends on Barcelona’s lifestyle. 

 2. EL BALCONET: one of the mandatory stops if you visit Barcelona, even it is just for a day, is getting on top of Tibidabo Mountain. El Balconet is in a very exceptional location just on the hillside of the mountain, which gives to this spot one of the best panoramic views of the city. The flying edge terrace makes us feel like we are flying over the city and for that reason, El Balconet is our second recommendation on this list and the perfect spot for a Sunday morning brews. 

3. EL TOMÁS DE SARRIÀ: Probably this is the most uncommon recommendation you will ever find in any blog from Barcelona, since this third spot is not even cute, nor the location has anything special. But this small tavern in the center of Sarrià, has gained its place in this list for one of the most iconic “tapas” of this country: patatas bravas. El Tomás de Sarrià has, without any doubt, one of the best patatas bravas of the city. Golden and crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, this patatas bravas are melted into their secret sauce that turn this simple tapa in a MUST-SEE in Barcelona.

4. TERRAZA MARTINEZ: the following spot outstands for the great food, considered one of the best restaurants to taste the Mediterranean cuisine. What is their specialty? Paellas. Besides, they offer a very large wine list with the best national and international wines. But not only they offer great food and drinks, but they are in an outstanding location with great views of the harbor and the coast. We recommend booking a table before going. 

5. AULAZERO: this little spot in Sarrià neighborhood, next to Eina School, is like an oasis to find some peaceful moment in a crowded city. Specially during the summer season and running from those travelers (or locals) that have not read this blog, you will find this little terrace in the charming Can Sentmenat Gardens which, evading you from the city, makes you feel in a very relax mood where the only things that matter are the birds singing and the cold beer. So if what you are looking for is a quiet place to relax, read, disconnect from the outside world or simply enjoy an intimate chat with no distractions, this is definitely your terrace. 

6. BLUE SPOT: with a 360º panoramic view Blue Spot is another key location to enjoy the sunset all year long. This terrace on the rooftop of a building next to W Hotel in Barceloneta Beach, with a very sophisticated but chic style, is the perfect place if we want to escape from the crowded beach restaurants and we are looking for something more classy. It has an extended list of very elaborated cocktails and very tasty and affordable options of Mediterranean cuisine. Either for a lunch, or a few cocktails over the sunset, Blue Spot goes into our 7 recommendations you should check.

7. DOS TORRES: in Tres Torres neighborhood you will find this old modernist Villa completely transformed into one of the most romantics restaurants of the area with a landscaped terrace that makes you travel to another era. In the insides of this Villa, you will find several separated rooms perfect for gatherings and private events. This terrace is a perfect choice for those of you with refined palates since it offers a fantastic menu worthy of grand cuisine. 

That’s it! Make sure to check out our favorite terraces and feel like a true local. Barcelona is a beautiful city with so much to offer and we are extremely grateful to show you around and make your stay here a true blast!