For many, coliving in a modern and comfortable way is a foreign concept. We’ve gotten used to what we think of as “traditional” housing setups, so it makes sense that you might have some things you want to get cleared up.

Coliving is often portrayed as a throwback to hippie days, cult-ish, or far too much like a college dorm. If you’ve ever believed any of the following coliving myths, it’s worth asking whether the rumors are true.

“So, it’s like a dorm room, right?”

Coliving being akin to a college dorm room is the most common comparison you’ll see. In fact, The New York Times described Starcity as “dorm living for professionals.”

In some ways, it makes sense to use dorms as an analogy to explain what coliving is. Both come with a wonderful built-in community, relatively affordable, and conveniently located. Just like dorms are often located close to classes, Starcity communities are all centrally located.

But a coliving community isn’t really like a dorm room.

First of all, have you seen how beautiful some coliving communities are? While many dorms are cramped, impersonal and just plain old-fashioned, Starcity’s coliving communities are intentionally and beautifully designed without a single cinder block wall in sight.

When you choose to move into a coliving space, you also don’t have to share your room with strangers. Starcity offers completely private bedrooms, complete with locked doors and modern furniture.

“It’s a nightmare for introverts / There’s no privacy”

There’s definitely no hard and fast rule that says introverts need not apply, or that folks who appreciate quiet time won’t enjoy coliving.

If you tend to be on the shy side, you can rest easy knowing it is possible to have alone time, despite the fact that you live with housemates.

Coliving can be an opportunity for growth and give you the chance to meet some new friends, particularly if you’re new to a city or neighborhood.

Instead of trying to strike up conversations with strangers at the park, beach, or bar, you get a group of friends-to-be ready and waiting for you.

Head to the common areas or join a Starcity community event when you’d like to hang out with your neighbors, and go back to your private room when you’ve had your fill.

Because really, coliving is for anyone who is willing to be open-minded and kind to those around them.

“Coliving is only for people in cults”

Wild, Wild Country is for watching, not for reliving.

Coliving communities are filled with people from different backgrounds and beliefs, and there’s never a cult leader in sight. You also don’t have to share your food with anyone (unless you’d like to!).

“It will be like big brother is always watching”

Respectful attitude and behavior required? Yes. Curfew? No. And yes, overnight guests are allowed. We’re here to help people find a space that’s right for them, not micromanage their lives.

“Coliving Communities are more like a hostel than a home”

While hostels and PodShares are great solutions for some, coliving is built for living in a city; not just visiting it. Coliving communities offer a balance between privacy and community that very short term solutions, such as hostels, can’t.

For instance, Starcity communities have all the amenities of home, from comfy couches to pots and pans to whip up a family meal. You’re also free to add your personal style to your space*.

*You’ll need to let us know before you start putting holes in the wall, but we want members to be able to personalize their rooms and truly feel at home.

“Coliving is only for backpackers, digital nomads, or single people”

While it’s often portrayed that way, coliving isn’t just for digital nomads or backpackers. Shorter leasing options are available for those who live a more transient lifestyle, but coliving can also be great option for those looking to put down some roots, who can opt for a more traditional 12-month lease.

It’s also important to note that coliving and coworking can exist separately. You may choose to participate in coliving, but not coworking. Or, you may spend time at a coworking space, but aren’t ready to try coliving.

Starcity homes are designed to support those who work from their laptops (hello, free WiFi), but our communities are also filled with “traditional” employees.

“For the price and location, we must have to sleep on bunk beds”

Starcity has six communities and not a single one makes you sleep on bunk beds.

Sharing common areas, such as a kitchen and living room, brings the monthly price for each private room down. Turning unloved and underutilized buildings into communities also saves cash during construction. Starcity rooms are big enough for two, and we’re working on solutions for families, too.

If you’ve ever been to Costco, you know there’s a price benefit to buying in bulk. Coliving communities are able to offer discounted rates on services such as weekly cleanings for private rooms, since the cleaning crew will already be visiting. In short, everything about coliving is made more accessible since everyone is working towards a common goal.

Still have questions about coliving at Starcity? You can browse our FAQ, check out our various coliving communities, or just get in touch! We always love hearing from you.