Cities are amazing. Finding a great place to live in cities is… less amazing.

Cities deliver culture, innovation, and impressive economic output, but they can be lacking in middle-income housing that is sustainable, affordable, and enjoyable. There are long stories and brief stories about how the housing markets in cities such as San Francisco have become the way they are, but we’re more focused on the solution than the cause.

When people hear about coliving (or co-living, communal living, co-housing, etc.), they probably have one of two images pop into their heads: hippies or college dorms. While there are definitely similarities in community structures, coliving spaces today aim to be more modern, inviting, and intentionally designed.

Whether you’re simply curious about how coliving works or are in the I-need-to-move-in-two-months-and-have-no-idea-where-to-choose boat, there are a few considerations when it comes to deciding if coliving is right for you.


Coliving is right for you if…

You might have a lot of questions about coliving, and we’re happy to answer them all. To start, let’s cover who coliving is right for.

You want location and amenities for less

Ah, the trifecta of location, amenities, and price. Apartment hunting usually requires you to choose two out of three, but coliving can get you into an awesome space in your dream neighborhood for less than the cost of living alone in the city center.

While the most affordable apartments will likely always be the ones outside of the city, coliving makes experiencing city life more accessible. Our coliving communities are in neighborhoods like SoMa Park SouthNorth Beach, and The Mission, with more coming soon.

Starcity members live in the vibrant, diverse, historical, and central neighborhoods that are close to everything. While parking can be tricky in these areas, we try to find locations that are super walkable and close to public transportation. Our spaces are also designed with your needs in mind, to give you a place where you can be yourself and feel at home. As if that wasn’t good enough, coliving in these areas will set you back less than a studio in the same neighborhood. The all-inclusive pricing is really the cherry on top.

You wish moving around and living in the city were less of a hassle

Moving is exciting, but it can also be expensive and exhausting. Coliving spaces cut out the need to buy, sell, or move furniture for your new space. Since both our shared and private living spaces come fully furnished, all you need to bring is a suitcase. We also only require $500 of the one month’s rent security deposit before move in. The rest is due within 30 days of moving in, so you have a little more flexibility.

Shorter lease terms also give you more options to move when the time is right for you. While you can certainly stay as long as you please, lease terms start at 3 months. Whether you’re trying out a new city, neighborhood, or lifestyle, you can start small to test the waters. If it’s not for you, moving out is just as easy.

Weekly cleaning services also free up some of the trickiness of maintaining a space. While you’re still expected to be a clean and respectful member that does their share to keep the home enjoyable, a professional team does spruce up shared spaces once a week. Coliving won’t pamper you, but our included home services can empower you to spend more time getting involved in your community. You also won’t have to worry about setting up WiFi and utilities.

You’re comfortable being involved in a community

We understand that the “community” aspect of communal living can be intimidating. After all, everyone needs their alone time. While it helps to be willing and open to participating in the community, coliving isn’t just for the mega-outgoing.

Shared spaces are designed to bring members together, but you’ll also have a space that is 100% yours. Whether it’s time to rest, work, or just recharge each member has a secure private bedroom to escape to.

One of the unique aspects of the coliving space is the built-in opportunity to meet new people, though. Whether you want to get more involved in your community or you’re brand new in town with no connections, we believe each individual benefits from the group as a whole.

You’re open to (and excited about) diversity

Drop what you think you know – there is no single age, occupation, lifestyle, race, gender, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation that makes you the perfect coliving member. In fact, one of the best parts of coliving is the variety of the community.

We aim to bring in members who are open-minded to different interests, walks of life, and perspectives.

You want to find your place in the city

Coliving can be a great option for those just moving to the city since it comes built in with the opportunity to meet new people and learn about the area. Starcity locations have a mix of locals and transplants, so you’ll get to experience the city through different perspectives.


Coliving might not be right for you if…

One of the foundational values of Starcity is authenticity. That’s why we would never try to encourage the lifestyle to someone if it doesn’t feel right for them. Here are a few signs you should think twice about coliving:

Shared common areas are a deal breaker

While coliving homes have spaces to live publicly and privately, there’s no way around the fact that you’ll be immersed in a community. If you know you want a completely private space at the end of the day, a solo apartment will probably feel better for you.

Customizing your entire home is a priority

Starcity members are able to customize their private space and bring in small personal items. They can even bring in larger furniture like a bed (though there’s an extra storage and moving fee). But for the most part, we leave design to the professionals. If you have a lot of furniture you don’t want to get rid of or want to be able to customize your entire home, then coliving may stifle your creativity.

You want to choose your roommates

Although each Starcity member goes through an application process that includes a background check, members get a say in who joins their community, you won’t get to choose your roommates the same way you would with a traditional shared apartment.

You’ve got cats

Even though we love all animals, at this time we only allow dogs in some of our communities.


Still curious about coliving? Ready to try something new? Schedule a tour to see what we’re all about.