We all dream of finding “the one.” The one who completes us, makes us feel safe, and always keeps us guessing. If only a fairy godmother would show up and help us find… a home in the perfect San Francisco neighborhood.

With Starcity, you can’t choose wrong, whether you’re considering living in South ParkSoMaNorth Beach, or The Mission. But some neighborhoods are bound to be better fits for your lifestyle than others, and to help you decide, we’ve created the ultimate dating app for San Francisco neighborhoods:

Bernal Heights

Seeking: Young families, people with dogs, hikers

Price: $$$$

A Little About Me: I’m a chill kind of neighborhood. I like to take it easy and watch the dogs play on Bernal Hill — a favorite spot in SF!

We’re Soulmates If: You’re looking for a residential neighborhood with decent weather and a few solid restaurants.

By tedeytan – https://www.flickr.com/photos/taedc/20601317421/CC BY-SA 2.0Link

The Castro

Seeking: LGBTQIA+ community members and allies (who can afford the rent)

Price: $$$$

A Little About Me: For decades I have been the hub of the queer community in San Francisco — and my nightlife scene is legit.

We’re Soulmates If: You’re looking for a central neighborhood with great public transit, plentiful food and drink options, and a close-knit community.


Seeking: Artists, newcomers, adventurous eaters

Price: $$

A Little About Me: I’m one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Francisco. I have a large Chinese population, and my proximity to Union Square, the theater district, and the Financial District make me an ideal area for many people.

We’re Soulmates If: You like the bustling nature of being downtown, enjoy outdoor markets, and don’t mind a bit of tourist foot traffic.

Photo: Zazies SF

Cole Valley

Seeking: Families, professionals, UCSF students

Price: $$$

A Little About Me: I’m a cozy neighborhood tucked between Haight-Ashbury, the Sunset, and a few hilly areas behind me. I’ve got an adorable stretch of blocks on Cole St., if you like bakeries, brunch, and lines for brunch.

We’re Soulmates If: You want to be close to the crazy that is Haight-Ashbury, but come home to a quiet street at the end of the night.

Hayes Valley

Seeking: Cafe connoisseurs and families

Price: $$$$

A Little About Me: Superior coffee. Beautiful candies. Public art. If you believe in treating yourself, I’ve got everything you need to live your best life.

We’re Soulmates If: You love artisan ice cream, and don’t mind long waits on Friday nights… or Tuesdays…


Seeking: The funky, the fresh, the cool

Price: $$$

A Little About Me: Summer of Love, man. Sure it was 50 years ago, but the spirit lives on. I’ve also got bars, fancy and affordable eats, head shops, lots of tie-dye, and direct access to the one-and-only Golden Gate Park.

We’re Soulmates If: You’re looking for a lively neighborhood with history.

Lower Haight

Seeking: Folk from all walks of life

Price: $$$

A Little About Me: I’m named after a small stretch of Haight St. that’s got SF institutions like Toronado (so many beers on tap) and Molotov’s (so many intimidating patrons). I’m also nestled between Duboce Park and Alamo Square, so if you like greenery, we should chat.

We’re Soulmates If: You fit in with the residents who’ve been here long before $5 toast came along.


Seeking: Former frat bros and sorority sisters; people who have the energy to constantly explain that the Marina isn’t actually like that.

Price: $$$$

A Little About Me: People like to rag on me, but I think they’re just jealous. I’m right on the water, I share a border with the Presidio, and Chestnut St. is friggin’ adorable. Some of my inhabitants are described as “fratty” but I’ve also got the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge, so…

We’re Soulmates If: You don’t mind an Uber ride (or an even longer bus ride) to get anywhere central.

The Mission

Seeking: Folks with some disposable income

Price: $$$$

A Little About Me: Hey baby. Ready to be treated like royalty? No one else is gonna give you restaurants, coffee shops, or sexy bars like I will. Love surprises? I’ve got hot-spot openings all the time. Also: BEST WEATHER IN SF. Drop those zeroes and get with a hero.

We’re Soulmates If: You know that a great thing sometimes comes with a greater price tag.

Nob Hill

Seeking: The guy from the Monopoly game

Price: $$$$

A Little About Me: I’m fancy, what can I say? And I like people who live for luxury. My hotels and spas are world class. My overpriced bars are — well, head to Chinatown for cheaper/better cocktails.

We’re Soulmates If: You wear a monocle and have a driver to bring you up my steep hills.

Noe Valley

Seeking: Babies and doggies (and their owners)

Price: $$$

A Little About Me: On any given day, you’ll have to dodge at least ten strollers while walking down 24th St. I’m a haven for young families — I’ve got a Whole Foods, easy access to a Muni line, and when parts of the city are foggy, I’m warm and sunny.

We’re Soulmates If: You’re cool with sharing walls with children.

Photo: Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

North Beach

Seeking: Beat poets… preferably with day jobs

Price: $$$

A Little About Me: Kerouac and Ferlinghetti once called me home, but a lot has changed since then. I’ve still got all the Italian food you could eat and live music nearly every night, but I’ve also got those trendy cafes the young people like so much.

We’re Soulmates If: You like a neighborhood with a little wear-and-tear (what I call charm).

Pacific Heights

Seeking: People who never look at a price tag when making a purchase

Price: $$$$

A Little About Me: I’m only interested in people who are serious…ly wealthy. I have a street nicknamed “Billionaire’s Row.” Old money, new tech money —doesn’t matter to me. And, full disclosure, we don’t really “rent” around here.

We’re Soulmates If: You were an early investor in Apple.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Seeking: People who march to their own beat

Price: $$$

A Little About Me: Greetings. I’m a former military base now converted into a park with units to live in. I’m filled with an abundance of eucalyptus trees, parade grounds that host a weekly Off the Grid event, and hiking trails right outside your door. My residents find me satisfactory.

We’re Soulmates If: You enjoy some distance from the hustle and bustle.

The Richmond

Seeking: Lovers of sweater weather

Price: $$

A Little About Me: People would describe me as a “big” neighborhood. I stretch from Arguello St. all the way to the ocean — and I’ve got the weather to prove it. And, if you like international cuisine, Geary and Clement will keep your belly full and happy.

We’re Soulmates If: You find beauty in the fog.

Photo: Outerlands

The Sunset

Seeking: Lovers of boots and scarves

Price: $$

A Little About Me: Richmond and I have a lot in common. I would argue I’m more residential, but Irving St. at 9th and 19th is filled with incredible food options. And not to humble-brag, but I’ve got the ultra-hip Trouble Coffeeand Outerlands by the ocean. <shrug>

We’re Soulmates If: You understand that living by the ocean isn’t necessarily a day at the beach.


Seeking: People who are into industrial chic

Price: $$$$

A Little About Me: Even with a few patchy intersections, I’m blowing up! I’m right in the middle of the action: tech companies, amazing eateries, and music venues. I’m also bringing loft-style living back!

We’re Soulmates If: You want to be where the people are.


Seeking: Newcomers with a thick skin

Price: $$

A Little About Me: I’m the epitome of the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover.” I won’t sugarcoat it — I’ve got a large homeless population that can be challenging. But, I’ve also got more affordable rent, a thriving art scene, and an incredible cluster of Vietnamese restaurants in “Little Saigon.”

We’re Soulmates If: You’re willing to look past the surface for a hidden gem.

Western Addition

Seeking: Folks who identify with the spirit of San Francisco

Price: $$

A Little About Me: People say I’m the next neighborhood to get gentrified – maybe they’re right? What I can tell you is, I’ve got some amazing jazz and my streets are lined with gorgeous victorians that may be in need of a little maintenance.

We’re Soulmates If: You like living next to SF natives.