By now we’ve all had to admit that quarantine is the new normal, and readjust our lives accordingly. And what’s been one of the biggest challenges? Fitness at home!


While many of us dread this idea (how can I possibly stay motivated?!), it’s actually easier than you think. Our top tips for staying on top of your flex game during quarantine are:

  1. Work out first thing in the morning – straight out of bed, before you eat. If you do this, then you’re burning fat on your body instead of calories you’ve consumed, and you aren’t mentally and physically (and possibly emotionally) exhausted from the day yet.
  2. Notice how you feel afterward – you can even keep a workout journal and take progress pics. Do you feel energized? Use that as motivation to keep going! Just remember that any habit is hard to start but easy to maintain.
  3. Move your body every day, but don’t overdo it on the workouts. Rest days are SO important – they allow your muscles to recharge and grow. But since we live such sedentary lives (hello laptop wfh), it’s important to do something with your body daily, whether it’s stretching (find great guided stretching videos on YouTube), a walk out in nature, or a 1-person dance party in your room. Moving your body is also grounding and releases serotonin, the happy chemical in your brain!
  4. Add your workout to your schedule so it’s part of your routine and not optional.
  5. Invite your friends to an accountability group where you check in daily and keep each other motivated.


If you’re at a loss of where to get started, here are our favorites:

  • BODY BUILDING — HōmeBodies by Remi and Nate

This is a subscription of daily workouts, some are body weight and some require a set of dumbbells. They range from cardio to strength-based to mobility and core. Remi is super sweet and positive, and Nate is an ex-Marine who will push and yell at you, but you can tell it’s out of love. Plus there’s lots of cameos from their 3 huge lovable pups. This is the most effective at-home workout that we’ve found – you will definitely see results – and you can start at any level. You can try out their workouts for free on Remi’s IGTV:

  • PILATES/CARDIO — Blogilates by Cassey Ho

Cassey offers a huge variety of video workouts, including floor pilates, dance, yoga, cardio, and stretching — and everything is free. She has videos focused on specific body parts (in case you’re just feeling leg day today), and provides a monthly calendar with specific videos to do on specific days, so you literally don’t even have to think about your workout. Cassey’s also SUPER positive and sweet, and has lots of videos about self love and acceptance. 

  • YOGA — AloMoves by Alo Yoga 

The membership is only $20/month (or $99/year, with a 14-day free trial) and you get hundreds of different yoga classes – focused on strength, flexibility, breathing, meditation, cardio… pretty much anything you can think of, they have. Plus it’s all levels, whether it’s your 1st class or 1000th class. They also have the reputation of some of the best yoga teachers around.

  • PILATES/BARRE — MNT Studio by Elaine Hayes 

This NorCal-based pilates/barre studio is offering online classes via Zoom for only $10 a class. The vibe here is extremely positive and the workouts are difficult and effective, and accessible to all skill/fitness levels. All of the instructors are super sweet, and there’s a strong female-empowered community supporting one another. 

  • PERSONAL TRAINING — Leah Recania 

Leah is an amazing breath of positivity and support. She offers virtual individual, partner, and group personal training / fitness coaching sessions. She’s based in Los Angeles, but has clients all over the US. Prior to COVID she did female/body-positivity focused fitness events as part of her Strong Babe brand, and continues that vibe even now via remote sessions. 

  • PHYSICAL THERAPY — Liz Letchford

Liz holds a PhD in kinesiology / rehab science, and is incredibly knowledgeable about how the body is meant to move and how to get it back to optimal mobility and function. Besides incredible brains, she’s also such a joy to work with. She offers remote sessions and can tell what you need to work on without ever stepping foot in the same room as you. She’s also the creator of The Release, a self myofascial release class using firm self-massage balls to release stagnant energy in your body.

  • STRETCHING — MadFit by Maddie Lymburner 

Maddie has a wonderful and easy to follow stretching playlist on her YouTube channel, MadFit. A variety of stretching routines, including stretching for beginners, workout warm-ups and cool-downs, and quick morning stretch yoga.


To complete your fitness journey at home, here are our favorite tools to roll out, self-massage, and treat those sore muscles of yours:

Using a foam roller post-workout to roll out your muscles can have a variety of benefits, such as decreased muscle and joint pain, increased circulation and flexibility, improved range-of-motion, better balance, and improved gait.

Use these as part of Liz’s The Release course above. These balls allow you to penetrate and release soft tissues for faster recovery and less injury.

This tool allows you to give yourself a very effective full-body massage, getting into those tight spots with ease. 

This is an incredibly powerful cooling topical natural muscle relaxant made out of essential oils. A blend of peppermint, lavender and rosemary provides instant cooling and warming comfort. We use it on our backs nightly for relief of back and neck pain – just roll it on and feel it go to work (just be careful not to touch your eyes!).


Now that you’re all set for your full at-home fitness and wellness regiment, tell us in the comments if we missed any of your favorites, and tag us in your workout pics! Let’s get this bread fam!