When moving to such massive cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Barcelona, it can seem intimidating. After all, you might not even know a single soul, much less the Spanish language if you’re going overseas. 

Plus, there’s no question about it that these are some of the costliest cities to live in. San Francisco alone is rated the top place when it comes to the most expensive cities in America!

However, moving to these cities doesn’t have to be a scary, lonely, or pricey experience. In fact, you’re in for an exciting hustle and bustle with the energy and entertainment that awaits you. 

By partaking in the community and budget-friendly coliving experience that Starcity can provide, you can explore each of the three cities every day and return to a lovely home filled with friendly faces. 

Along the way, there’s no shortage of free entertainment and opportunities to enjoy city life that can make the days far easier for your bank account. No matter your fears and doubts, Starcity can help ensure that there’s a place for you in the city. Let’s dive right into all the free entertainment you can take advantage of as soon as you move into your new coliving space.  

San Francisco

Though San Francisco has one of the highest price tags when it comes to living in America, don’t let that scare you away from all the fun it has to offer! Known for its beautiful weather, stunning architecture, the classic Golden Gate Bridge, and more, there’s plenty to enjoy in the Bay Area. 

Without a doubt, San Francisco is fantastic for bringing out that sightseeing and nature lover within you. Start by taking a drive or a stroll along Lombard Street, which is full of twists and turns that are guaranteed to satisfy your eyes as you witness a charming scene of bushes, trees, flowers, and more. 

As soon as you’re done, there are numerous pay-what-you-wish walking tours that can introduce you to history, the legends, and stories that make the city what it is. Feeling a little more independent? Go for a convenient self-guided tour instead. 

We can’t talk about free activities in San Francisco without mentioning all the free museums that offer captivating perspectives into the city’s culture. Be sure to check out locations such as the Cable Car Museum, the San Francisco Maritime Park, the Musée Mécanique, and more for an insightful and educational afternoon.

Because San Francisco is close to the water, you can’t really say you’ve lived there until you take a day trip down to the Fisherman’s Wharf. While you’re there soaking up the sun and the sights, don’t forget to stop by Pier 39 to gaze at all the sea lions that lounge on the pier!

Finally, San Francisco is home to perhaps the most iconic bridge of all — the Golden Gate Bridge. You can scale this feat of engineering completely for free by walking the entire length across 1.7 miles. When you’re done, you can end your day by visiting the Golden Gate Park and admiring all the flowers, gardens, and sculptures that are present.  

Los Angeles

When it comes to entertainment and culture, there’s almost no place on Earth that’s livelier in these areas than the energetic city of Los Angeles. Home to thousands of celebrities, the classic Hollywood sign, and the hopes of millions who dream of one day making it big, Los Angeles is the “La La Land” of opportunity and fun. 

As you might have already guessed, not all that fun requires cash. There are hundreds of entertaining activities that you can spend your time on rather than your money. Because of how huge LA is, there’s no surprise that sightseeing is top on the list. 

You can begin your day by taking a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and find your favorite celebrity stars. While you’re there, you can visit Madame Tussauds and gaze at strange yet detailed wax artworks at the iconic museum. For some wonderful smells and cultural sights, don’t forget to stop by Chinatown and Koreatown for a quick bite to eat. 

Afterward, you can resume your adventures by exploring the abandoned Old Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park, which features hiking trails and picnic spaces along the way. Then, you’ll want to visit the Santa Monica Pier, which is home to an entire amusement park right by the waters. While you’re there, you can see the weather, sand, and the ocean that being right by the beach will grant you. 

By the time the sun is setting, the city’s lights will come alive! This is the perfect time to take up some hiking. Take a walk through the rose garden of the Exposition Park or hike up to the Hollywood sign. 

When the night begins to fall, head up to the City Hall Observation Deck for some of the best free views of LA. Upon heading back to your coliving space, you can already plan so many adventures for next time, whether that be visiting free museums such as the Getty Center and the Hammer Museum or becoming part of a TV studio audience. 

There are simply endless possibilities to have the time of your life in LA for free, and there’s no one better to do it with than your community at Starcity. 


If you ever wanted an international coliving experience, Starcity’s location in Barcelona in Spain is all you need for an exciting place to live abroad. There are countless free activities to partake in that will immerse you within the diverse Spanish culture and energy that this famous city has to offer. 

For those nice breezy and sunny days, basking on the beach is simply a must-do. Locations like the Nova Icaria beach and the Barceloneta beach offer a great environment to sit back and relax. 

In a more active mood to hit the road? Then there’s no shortage of sightseeing and day trip activities for you to take advantage of. 

As soon as the sun begins to set, you can watch the city become bathed in an ethereal light from the top of the gorgeous Sagrat Cor. For a livelier free event, be sure to hit the pavements during La Mercè, which is one of Barcelona’s most famous festivals. 

Your activities don’t have to be planned to the minute either. It’s a great thing to find yourself lost in the Gothic Quarter. As you find your way around the narrow back alleyways, you’ll encounter some gorgeous hidden gems that can really showcase the beauty of the city. The same goes for La Rambla, which is one of the busiest streets in the city that highlight the people and their art. 

For a more structured activity, mark your calendar for the first Sunday of every month! It’s a great time to grab free museum admissions. The Picasso Museum is a popular one if you want to see the famous artist’s works up close. Seeking a more dynamic viewing experience instead? Then be sure to show up between 8 pm and 10 pm at the Magic Montjuic Fountain for a free enchanting water show! 

Once you settle into the city’s charm for the long run, you’ll never run out of parks, cathedrals, and outdoor activities to partake in. 

Final Thoughts

With Starcity as your living community, you can leave the worries behind and focus on having as much fun as you can. Whether you choose to live in the professional charm of San Francisco, the cosmopolitan city of Los Angeles, or the cultural experience of Barcelona, there’ll be countless opportunities to create memories that will last a lifetime.