So you want to talk about a fresh start, do ya? 2020 was a wild ride and I think it’s safe to say we need a cheerful change up for 2021. Hmm, but where to begin? Oh, yeah. At home. Where we spend most of our time. Let’s dive in!


Rearrange your room.

This can do wonders! Move that bed to the other side of the room, put it up against the corner and create a daybed-style nook! Grab a friend, pour up a large glass of wine, and get to work. Ready, set, GO!


Spruce up your space. 

Plants. You obviously need plants! If you are unsure which type of plant is best, you can’t go wrong with ole faithful (I’m talking about the Pothos family, obviously!).

Fresh flowers. Get a bouquet from your local store and put them in a vase by your bedside. Instant mood changer! Plus, your room will smell heavenly.

Books. The best and most functional decor item! Color-coded organization has been a hit lately, try it out.

Storage. Bowls or baskets to put your things or rather … hide your things. Shh, we won’t tell.  This basket is from West Elm!

Photo source: West Elm

Ceramics and other fun objects. Floating shelves (a very simple DIY project, like this one here) and fun little vases or art  really make a big difference on a blank wall.

New art. Have you heard of Tezza? Check out her Instagram. She has amazing art collages for purchase. How ’bout an entire collage above your bed?! Check it out. Fun side note: I met her randomly in an airport and she is extremely genuine and sweet. 

Mirrors. A simple way to add depth and make your room feel more open and spacious. Try a medium sized mirror and setting it on your floor! This trio is from Urban!

Photo source: Urban Outfitters

Curtains. I tend to opt for something with a little bit of texture or a pattern you think you won’t get tired of in a month or two. These curtains are from Anthro!

Photo source: Anthropologie

Tidy up your space.

Get organized. Switch out those basic hangers for tiered hangers, grab a few hanging storage cubbies, and get yourself a storage shelf for shoes and other misc items. Declutter your surroundings!

Photo source: Target

Photo source: Target

Photo source: Target

Donate your items. 

I can’t stress this enough! Clean out what you don’t wear. If you are getting rid of any towels or blankets, check your local animal shelter for a drop off. Shelters are always looking for these items.


Out with the old, in with the new! Time to get organized, reset, and refocus with a little home transformation! And hey, this doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Start noodling on all of the fun DIY projects that await. What’s first on your list? Share them in the comments!