Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again! This year has been a tough one and we all deserve a little extra love this Holiday Season. We’ve pulled together a quick gift guide if you’re feeling stumped this season!



Parachute Bed Set 

I am in love with this new color of linen bed sheets from Parachute! One of the top rated brands for that high quality, long-lasting sheets.

Browse their Holiday Gift section on the website.

Price: $329 (Queen) 

Photo source: Parachute

Heath Ceramics 

If you are looking for something new in the kitchen, Health Ceramics has something to please everyone! I love this Cafe Bowl  – how ’bout that color combo!

Browse their gift section on the website.

Price: $37 each (on sale)

Photo source: Heath Ceramics

Nespresso Machine

An introductory to every coffee lover who wants to make that specialty latte at home. Just a fraction of the cost compared to brands such as Breville! Check out their Holiday bundle !

Price: $99

Photo source: Nespresso

Capri Blue Candle

Their signature Volcano scent is a universal scent that is sure to please anyone! You can usually find these at your local Anthropolgie store.

Price: $30

Photo source: Capri Blue

Tartine Cookbook

From the infamous Tartine Bakery in San Francisco, CA! You can buy the cookbook on Amazon.

Price: $35.99 (on sale) 

Photo source: Amazon

Wonderboom Portable Speakers

I bought this for my father last Holiday season, you’d be surprised how loud this baby can get! Purchase on Amazon, which I have noticed the pricing fluctuates. I have seen this get as low as $49.99!

Price: $49.99-99.99

Photo source: Amazon


ENO Hammock

Check out all of the colors on their website here. It’s worth the extra money to get the double hammock!

Price: $69.95

Photo source: ENO

W + P Ceramic Travel Mug

The Porter Mug from W + P Designs is sure to be a hit, not to mention reusable!

Price: $25

Photo source: W + P Design

Set Active Work Out Set

Loving this outfit from Set Active, all of their styles are simple and timeless.

Price: $75 (leggings only)

Photo source: Set Active

Local Wine

Support your local wine store! You can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine. I get mine at Vintage Berkeley, they have the best curated selection! Buy an aerator to pair with the wine gift!

Price: Varies

Photo source: Vintage Berkeley 

Local Plant Shop

Who doesn’t want to be gifted a new plant? We love Crimson in Oakland!

Price: Varies

Photo source: Crimson

Board Games / Toys

Board games, anyone? A great gift for all ages! Shop local if you can, here are a few spots:

Oakland: It’s Your Move

Berkeley: Games of Berkeley

SF: Gamescape

LA: It’s Game Time

Photo source: The Daily Californian

Etsy Clay Earrings

Support small businesses by purchasing through Etsy, like these adorable clay earrings! If you’re feeling crafty, you can also make these yourself for that added sentiment. Here is a DIY article on how to make ’em! Our members recently learned how to do this at one of our Starcity events, woohoo!

Price: $18 plus shipping (limited items in stock)

Photo source: Etsy

Society6 Tapestry / Art

you can find some very cool art made by artists who upload their own work to sell through Society6. Check out this fun tapestry!

Price: $44.99 (look out for holiday sales!)

Photo source: Society6

Everlane Weekender Bag

Very useful for short trips or weekend getaway (hence the name, right?). We love the Twill Weekender Bag at Everlane!

Price: $98

Photo source: Everlane

Park Project Beer Blanket

Support our parks! Browse Parks Project’s gift page!I’m super into these Beer Blanket sleeves!

Price: $39 (includes 6 sleeves)

Photo source: Park Projects

Yeti Cooler Backpack

Perfect for a small hike to reward yourself with an ice cold drink or a day at the park! Check out this cooler backpack from yeti.

Price: $299.99

Photo source: Yeti

Piecework Puzzles

Wow! I highly recommend these puzzles. I bought 3 of them and they are so beautiful with amazing quality. The photos are so great that I actually bought puzzle glue to hang them up after! While on the pricier end for a puzzle, you really do get your money’s worth.

Price: $26-36

Photo source: Piecework Puzzles

Mouth Gift Box

Sending gifts from afar this year? Treat your loved one to some yummy snacks with a Holiday Gift Box.

Price: $64.50

Lastly, support small and/or local businesses during this Holiday Season! Go snag a few gift cards to your favorite spots to give to friends and family.