It’s Spring again. Good for you if you’ve jumped on the Marie Kondo bandwagon and done an extra thorough Spring Cleaning sesh this year (Virgo, we’re looking at you), but once you’re done doing responsible grown-up things like cleaning and taxes (yes, Capricorn, we know you did them in February), take some time to relax and enjoy the Spring vibes.

Whether it’s a staycation, or your first time in San Francisco, we’re here to help you make the most of Spring Break based on a little guidance from the stars. And even if you’re not into horoscopes or zodiac signs, it can still be fun to  try something new!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

aries spring horoscope

You’re used to bopping around, Aries. Why slow down now? Right about now, some stuff from your past might be bubbling up, and your Aries instinct is always “on to the next one.” That’s fine — keep up the high energy, but incorporate some time to reflect and sit with your feelings too. This Spring Break, take yourself on a mini-adventure with some introspection on the side.

  • Start from 16th Street BART and do an urban hike from the Mission, through Lower Haight.
  • Pop into bookstores, like Dog Eared Books, and read while eating the fluffiest pudding-like French toast at Cafe du Soleil.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

taurus spring horoscope

We don’t expect you to take our advice, so let us appeal to what we know a Taurus never turns down: comfy spaces & treats galore. You’ve had a rough go at work for a few months now, so give yourself an actual break. Spend time in cozy nooks with a loved one. This Spring Break, take some time to refuel and take it slow.

  • Start your day with yoga at YTTP in the Mission. It’s a light-filled studio with pothos plants and a fig tree. Plus, it overlooks the city skyline. Suggested donation is $10, but no one turned away for lack of funds!
  • Keep that meditative buzz going and enjoy breakfast in the sunny, spacious patio at Stable Cafe. May we recommend the classic “egg in a hole.” It’s scrambled eggs dropped into thick, house-cut wheat bread, topped with bacon and brie. Enjoy the lush, lush, lush greenery.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

gemini spring horoscope

Your professional and work relationships might be kind of tense right now. You’re usually very charming and can wile your way through these tangles, but this time, take a step back to reassess what’s right for the real you.

  • The SF MOMA is a great place to get lost and inspired. Right now they’ve got an exhibit on Sea Ranch, a highly-designed, intentional community on the Sonoma County Coast. If you’re looking for a nearby vacay, take a quick 3-hour drive up the Highway 1 and spend the weekend there. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it.
  • Catch a free salsa class, or dance to Senegalese beats Saturdays starting at 10PM. Bissap Baobab also serves Senegalese meals before it turns into a dance club. If you go, definitely get the Baobab Gambas, which are are flavorful and buttery and now I’m drooling.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

cancer spring horoscope

Sweet, sweet water baby. You’ve been spending some time swimming backward into the past, wishing you could do things differently. Find someone you can lean on right now in the present. Your friends and loved ones are so used to you nurturing them, so why not surprise them and accept a little care-taking yourself? This Spring Break, reach out to a friend and set a personal goal to keep you moving forward.

  • Visit Ocean Beach. Pack a journal and remind yourself of what you liked to do as a kid. Then set a goal that inserts some more of that into your life again.
  • Mosey your way over to Kaiju Cooks with a friend. If you’re from out of town and traveling solo, you can still enjoy this cozy ramen spot on your own. They also have pork belly skewers. Just sayin.’

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

leo spring horoscope

Work has been feeling stale for you lately Leo. Your magnetic energy is clashing with your boring and stagnant surroundings. When was the last time you felt like your weekday routine brought out the best in you?

Now’s the time to figure out how to make that happen again. But before you do, spend time reconnecting with your sense of autonomy and freedom. This Spring Break, reacquaint yourself with your inner teenager.

  • Soda and pizza, a classic combo to relive the good parts of being a teenager (there were to some!) Grab a couple of slices and a “healthy” fruit spritzer from Arizmendi. They do one type of pizza a day and they do it really well. My fav is when there’s some kind of balsamic glaze happening on it. So good.
  • Scooter, bike, or walk to Dolores Park. Find yourself a half-sun, half-shade patch of grass and soak in the views. You’ll see the outline of Downtown SF and way too many cute dogs, especially if you’re holding that slice of pizza.

Virgo (August 23 – September 23)

virgo spring horoscope

You’ve regained some control at work (as always), but what’s slipping now is your sense of security within your relationships. This is a very uncomfortable space for you because it requires a little bit of sharing and opening up where you’d normally stay reserved and on higher ground. This Spring Break, spend some time being soft and with your feelings.

  • Head over to Kabuki Springs for a communal bath, massage, or both. It’s only $30 to use the bathhouse, and massages start at $70. It’s right in the middle of Japantown, so it can feel like a mini-getaway-within-a-getaway. Feel yourself let go in the steam. Maybe let a feeling bubble up too. It is Pisces season after all.
  • Keep up the vibe of sensitive sensibilities and sidle on over to the darkness of the Kabuki theater. Order drinks and some food while judging the hell out of an indie flick.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

libra spring horoscope

The goal is harmony, but instead of with others, with yourself. You’re known for making those around you feel comfortable and at ease, but how are you feeling? Go back to chasing the things that make you excited too. Your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so go be somewhere beautiful. This Spring Break, get connected to what drives you.

  • Take the MUNI to Good Luck Dim Sum. Dumplings, sticky rice, and buns for days. Seriously, they use those big pink donut boxes for takeout so you can walk away with literal pounds of dim sum. It’s really affordable too. You can feed three people with $16. Just make sure you have cash.
  • Bring your goodies and recline in the grassy area outside of the Conservatory of Flowers. It’s a dreamscape. There’s a lawn-sized patch of vibrant yellow tulips leading up to the sprawling Victorian-era white glasshouse. If this idyllic landscape doesn’t reconnect you to your love of beauty, then I’m not sure what will.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

scorpio spring horoscope

You’ve been dealing with some bumpy relationship stuff recently, but now you’re ready to refocus on your own ambitions. Spend some time being creative to reinvigorate your sense of self and re-establish your boundaries. Grab a sketchbook and pick a moody corner to stew in by your lonesome. This Spring Break, get back to doing you.

  • Bathe yourself in violet lights and dark pop music at Noc Noc. Talk to no one as you down a Snake Bite (Cider & Pilsner).
    Also it’s nowhere near Halloween, but maybe you need a wig for an upcoming costume party, or maybe it’s just fun to try on disguises.
  • Browse Costuming on Haight to try on a new persona and shake off those blues.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

sagittarius spring horoscope

It might not feel like it yet, but some breakthroughs around past habits will inspire you to re-shape your life for the better. Seek catharsis. No other sign knows how to use emotions as fuel for a fire quite like you, Sag. Live it up and let the past burn away into something that serves you. This Spring Break, heal by culling what no longer works.

  • What’s more cathartic than belting it out in front of strangers? Karaoke at The Mint will leave you nice and open for all your pent up Sag energy to burst out of you. There’s a stage. There are pink lights that sparkle. Don’t take your drink with you though, or the MC will yell at you.
  • Your night doesn’t end there. Ride your Bonnie Tyler-singing-high over to Lucky 13 and be as dive-y as you want to. In the morning, journal about how you want to greet the Spring.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

capricorn spring horoscope

Like fellow Earth sign, Virgo, you’re having some control issues at work. You might be questioning whether your commitments deserve your dedication. That’s fair, because once you’re in, you’re all in. It’s not quite the time to completely uproot and change course, so lean into hangouts with friends to replenish your energy supply. This Spring Break, spend time with good friends.

  • Hey, nerd. We know your outing isn’t complete without buying a book. After hitting Green Apple Books, grab a fresh coconut from Trouble Coffee and walk to Golden Gate Park.
  • Enjoy your coconut on a bench near the California Academy of Sciences while you wait for friends to meet you. If you go on a Thursday, they do late night events where you can make crafts and drink craft brews. You’re into crafts right?

Aquarius (January 20 – February 19)

aquarius spring horoscope

Frankly, SF might not be your vibe right now. Not a surprise for you Aquarians, since you tend to rebel against the mainstream. That’s okay. Embrace your independence as you’ve been giving a whole lot of yourself to your communities as of late. Get away from people for now, and leave SF for a slow afternoon in Oakland. This Spring Break, ease into your lone-wolf tendencies.

  • BART over to Oakland and go book browsing at Wolfman Bookstore, an independent shop that features pieces by local writers, and carves out a safe space for vulnerable groups and diverse folks. Try going on a night when there’s live readings, or music, or both!

Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

pisces spring horoscope

It’s your season, Pisces! You do you, but make sure you go places where it’s cool to weep, as your emotions are in overdrive right now (and most of the time, but especially now because of the New Moon in Pisces.) You’re good at creating safe spaces for your friends to be vulnerable and open with their emotions, so use that same magic power for yourself. This Spring Break, let your feelings be.

  • Go solo, or have friends meet you at Alamo Square for a picnic. Bi-Rite is around the corner on Divisadero (a.k.a. Divis “dih-viz”) for all your picnic supply needs (Baguette, cheese, and fruits. Oh my.) Don’t feel like going all out? Grab a burrito for $9 at El Rancho Grande.
  • Soak in the view, people-watch, and sit with your feelings.