Good morning. You’ve moved into your beachfront coliving community, and guess what? It’s epic. Living in Venice Beach is the dream – there’s so much to do and experience right at the tip of your fingers.

If the sun’s out (and we’re in Los Angeles, so odds are heavily stacked toward a glorious “yes”), I would bet a million dollars you’re going to want to hit the beach. Lucky for you, you’re practically on the beach already. So let’s roll out of bed and get going.

As you make the effortless stroll down to the sand, your stomach growls with the ferocity of a thousand lions. You look around and see that there are plenty of options right in front of you. But are you health-conscious or pure foodie?



Take a breezy walk south to Figtree’s Café which has been part of the Venice Beach community since 1978. Fuel up with a coffee or espresso and some organic steel cut oats. And if you’re vegetarian, you’ll still have plenty of options, including a very tempting tofu and soy chorizo scramble.


Pure foodie

You’ll have to burn a few more calories to get to Zelda’s Corner, but you’ll gain them back ten times over when you pound five donuts with a cup of coffee before bouncing out the window to greet the day.


The Boardwalk

                                                                           Photo: Venice Paparazzi Edizen Stowell

A woman morphs colored sand sculptures next to a plain of grass. A shirtless man in dreadlocks rollerblades by while shredding on the guitar. A teenager busts out a sick aerial on his skateboard. You’re on the famous Venice Boardwalk. No matter what direction you choose, you’re in for some sights. There are plenty of skate and surf shops, restaurants, and street vendors to choose from. It’s a great place to get in touch with the bustling culture of Venice.

On the way to Venice Boulevard, you’ll pass by Muscle Beach. Originally located in Santa Monica, the location was shifted over time to accommodate the burgeoning weightlifting scene of the ‘80s – a place where Arnold Schwarzenegger himself once displayed his modest physique to the applause of gathering crowds. Depending on the day, you’ll find an array of muscle heads doing the same, grunting and getting swole under the hot sun. If you’re feeling amped, get out there and show the world just how jacked you are.

And if the equipment there isn’t enough, go secure a membership at the true Mecca of bodybuilding: the Gold’s Gym from Arnold’s landmark 1977 film, Pumping Iron. Be all you can be and stuff!


Inspiration hits?

If you walk down to the ocean between Venice and Washington Boulevard, you’re going to see surfers tearing it up. The waves are pumping. People are having fun. Inspiration hits. It’s time to rent a surfboard.


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Kapowui Surf Lessons is right by your new home, but if you’re too cool for tutelage, then forget about it because you’re already next to the best surf in the area. Just pick any of the beachside surf shops, feel which board bonds with your soul like Harry Potter and his wand, and dive into the ocean for some serious carving. Advanced surfers choose the beach break, but be careful, if you’re not up quick, it’ll slam you pretty good. If you’re goofy foot, go to the Venice Pier for a nice left. If you’re a beginner, go south of the pier and walk along the beach until you find something your speed.


The sun shines on your back as you climb out of the refreshing water. You just had the most amazing surf session. You’re deciding whether or not to go pro when your stomach demands satiation once again.


You’ve been doing a lot of walking and paddling, so why don’t you hop into the future? You know all those people zipping around on uniform black scooters? That’s Bird: an electric scooter service that has devices scattered pretty much everywhere – just download the app, locate a scooter, scan, and ride. This way, you can increase the speed of your beachside restaurant evaluation process by about 12 miles per hour.


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For some great sandwiches, choose Candle Café and Grill. They even have gluten free options, which are best enjoyed while talking smack about other places that might neglect your restrictions.


Cultural support

If you need a shower, scooter back to your new home and desalinate. While you’re north again, maybe edge a bit further up and check out the Rainbow Lifeguard Tower, which now serves as a permanent monument to LGBT equality.


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But who needs a shower when you can sweat? If you haven’t had enough activity for the day, keep moving south until you come across the volleyball courts. Most people are pretty friendly, and large groups will usually let others join if you ask. However, if you see people playing high-level doubles, don’t ask unless you’re legit and have an equal level partner ready to “challenge.”

Understandably, you might be pretty tired at this point, so no, you don’t have to play volleyball. Venice Beach is replete with excellent sunbathing locations all along the water. Slap on some sunscreen and dive into a good book, or just nap to your heart’s content.

Also, don’t let these suggestions limit you. You’ll see people on the sand doing everything from playing Spikeball to flying a kite to forming a drum circle. Find your inspiration and go to it.

The Venice Pier

Every local has walked the pier countless times, and you should too. It’s a hotspot for fishermen, and it comes with an idyllic view that transforms into the premiere sunset watching spot in Venice. You don’t need a license to fish off the pier, so if the ocean is calling to you, catch some free food… or have fun trying.


The Whaler is a go-to spot for dinner and drinks, but just because it’s the most talked about, doesn’t mean it’s the only place you should keep in mind for the end of your ultimate beach day.


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☄Twilight Tuesday ☄Happy hour 3-6 pm, the amazing @amymaymusic starting at 7pm & late night menu kicks off at 10pm until 1am!

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If you’re ever running out your door, you might collide face first with the oh-so-close Venice Ale House for a delicious spread of artisan eats – featuring vegan and vegetarian options. It may be obvious that they have great beer, but not everyone knows that they have a jaw-dropping breakfast menu as well, so who knows? After you go home to have the best night’s sleep of your life, maybe you’ll be back tomorrow morning.

Don’t live in Venice yet? Want to? Check out our Starcity Venice Beach Community.