Now that we’ve all had our fill of pizza and ice cream and gained that “quarantine 15,” we figured we’d highlight some healthier food to give our stomachs a break. Below are our favorite vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

Vegan food still gets a bad rep, but there are so many delicious options nowadays, and you definitely can’t go wrong with anything on our list. Whether you’re looking for an upscale dinner or just comfort food you can eat in your sweats with Netflix on, we’ve got you covered.

Let us know in the comments if we missed any good spots!



Beloved Cafe

Mission | Pickup + outdoor dining

beloved cafe sf
Photo from Yelp

This is the coziest, tiniest little cafe with incredibly delicious, fresh food cooked directly in front of you with lots of love. All of the ingredients are organic and plant-based, and menu items include both sweet and savory bowls, soups, and smoothies. They are also a tea lounge, with a huge selection of teas. Fun fact: they sell crystals!

Must try: the Quinoa Bowl with roasted veggies tastes like heaven (make sure to add avocado!).



Mission | Pickup + delivery

A family-owned contemporary Japanese restaurant. The menu includes what you’d expect from a Japanese restaurant (sushi, noodle soups, apps), but it’s all vegan and incredibly fresh! They’re also offering meal kit delivery for a fun DIY option.

Must try: the Vegan Sushi Roll is super flavorful.

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Mission | Pickup + delivery

This Brazilian-inspired eatery is on a mission to heal our guts and to prove that super healthy food is also delicious (ironic because they’re based out of an old McDonalds). They are not vegan, but almost all of their dishes are or can be made vegan. Their whole menu is incredibly health-conscious and sustainable: no gluten, dairy, refined sugar or seed oils, with pasture-raised, grass-fed, wild-caught meats. 

Must try: our personal favorite is the Cuban bowl (you can add extra plantains instead of meat), and the brussels sprouts are to die for.

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Outer Sunset | Pickup

Judahlicious cafe
Photo from HappyCow

A cute cafe super close to Ocean Beach, they serve raw and vegan cuisine, plus juices and smoothies, with everything organic and made from scratch. They also source local produce to reinvest in the community, and pride themselves on being a green business with eco-friendly packaging and almost zero waste. 

Must try: their gluten-free breakfast waffles and pancakes are available until 2pm! 

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Greens Restaurant

Marina | Pickup + delivery

Greens Restaurant opened in 1979 as part of the San Francisco Zen Center. They work directly with local, organic farmers, selecting the freshest and most delicious seasonal produce to bring to the table, and even have their own farm in Marin! Their menu is always changing, with inventive, fresh vegetable-based dishes. The menu is vegetarian, but everything can be made vegan.

Must try: everything on the menu is honestly incredible, but our favorite is the Summer Yellow Curry.

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Nourish Cafe

Richmond + Polk Gulch | Pickup + delivery

This small health-oriented women-owned cafe offers salads, sandwiches & smoothies with a healthy spin. They use sustainable, local ingredients that make a low carbon impact, as well as eco-friendly compostable takeout containers and utensils. The food is made from the cleanest and freshest ingredients possible, staying away from processed, artificial foods. Good for your taste buds and your gut health!

Must try: the Nourish Burger – if you want to start drooling, go read the ingredients, for real.

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Marina | Pickup + delivery + outdoor dining

Wildseed by Patricia Chang for Eater SF

With a focus on fresh, local, seasonal produce, this upscale restaurant serves up hearty, healthy and satisfying meals that pull in global flavors. They also believe in fighting climate change and supporting local farmers. The dishes are from all kinds of different cuisines: Mexican, Mediterreanan, Asian, American.

Must try: the Mushroom Risotto is a delicious choice.

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Gracias Madre

Mission | Pickup + delivery

Gracias Madre (which translates into “thank you mother”) is incredibly tasty 100% vegan Mexican food. Part of the Cafe Gratitude family, this restaurant has a super interesting history (which you can read on the website) based on a love for Mexican food and a healthy plant-based and sustainable lifestyle.You really can’t go wrong with anything on their menu.

Must try: Coliflor Frito, which is … get ready for it … deep fried cauliflower doused in cashew cheese.

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Vegan Picnic

Polk Gulch | Pickup + delivery

Vegan Picnic is an American-style deli and grocer with classic comfort food that happens to be vegan. Their motto is “Guiltlessly delicious.” They are proud to make delicious food that is better for your body, healthier for the environment, and animal friendly. Here you can pig out without feeling awful later, with comfort food like crispy chicken, waffles, grilled cheese, lasagna, egg salad, PB&J, burgers, and cheesecake.

Must try: definitely the breakfast burrito, which can also be made gluten free.

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Haight | Pickup + delivery

Bizza SF
Photo from HappyCow

A mediterranean-inspired pizza place, they offer vegan pizza loaded with veggies, and even (omg!) vegan CALZONE (mind blown!!). They also have a variety of vegan “meats” to choose from, such as chicken, pepperoni, and meatballs.

Must try: the Planet Earth vegan pizza.

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Plant Food + Wine

Abbott Kinney | Outdoor dining

Photo from In the Loup

A sleek, minimalist eatery with upscale vegan dishes, PFW offers a beautiful selection of locally sourced ingredients in a seasonally crafted menu. Designed as a communal gathering place, they offer a unique experience around delicious, health-conscious food. The patio is gorgeous, surrounded by plants and hanging lights.

Must try: the Heirloom Tomato & Zucchini Lasagne is incredibly tasty, though it’s raw so don’t expect the normal lasagna experience.


Gracias Madre

WeHo + Newport Beach | Pickup + delivery + outdoor dining

Gracias Madre (which translates into “thank you mother”) is incredibly tasty 100% vegan Mexican food. Part of the Cafe Gratitude family, this restaurant has a super interesting history (which you can read on the website) based on a love for Mexican food and a healthy plant-based and sustainable lifestyle.You really can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. Plus, their spaces are BEAUTIFUL, and you can safely dine-in on the patio.

Must try: Coliflor Frito, which is … get ready for it … deep fried cauliflower doused in cashew cheese.

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Crossroads Kitchen

WeHo | Pickup + delivery + outdoor dining

This upscale restaurant provides an elegant backdrop for refined vegan dishes. The menu is extravagant – it’s dishes you’d never expect to be vegan, and they don’t taste vegan. You can bring any self-proclaimed meat love here, and they’ll leave happy and full. They’re currently also offering meal kits so you can make their food at home.

Must try: Calamari Fritti – yes, that’s vegan calamari!

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Sage Vegan Bistro

Echo Park + Culver City + Pasadena + Agoura Hills | Pickup + delivery

Photo from Time Out

This super cute vegan bistro serves all kinds of comfort food (think mac & cheese, wings, loaded nachos, tacos, chili cheese fries, pizza…), without the stomach pain later. Their hashtag is #feastwithoutthebeast! They use organic ingredients and local produce, and offer plenty of gluten-free options as well. You honestly can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. 

Must try: the Orange Chicken (hint: it’s made out of deep fried cauliflower!).

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Double Zero

Venice | Pickup + delivery + outdoor dining

Plant-based pizza and Italian food – they even have a meatballs appetizer! You can easily make the pizza gluten-free as well. The vibe here is soooo cute, and you can still “dine-in” outside. The food, the presentation, the staff – everything here is top notch, and the prices are still decent. 

Must try: the Truffle Pizza is crazy creamy. 


Cafe Gratitude

Venice, Arts District, Larchmont | Pickup + delivery

It might take a second to get used to their menu, because each dish is called “I am _____” (fill in the blank with a positive word)… but the food itself is delicious. They offer a variety of different cuisines (Indian, Mexican, Italian, American), all prepared with fresh, local, organic plant-based ingredients. They’re also currently offering family-style takeout – larger version of their normal dishes.

Must try: I Am Humble (aka the Indian bowl) is one of our faves.

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Butcher’s Daughter

Abbott Kinney | Pickup + delivery + outdoor dining

Photo from HappyCow

First of all, this place is BEAUTIFUL, and right on Venice’s Abbott Kinney, which is arguably the cutest street in all of Los Angeles. They offer a vegetarian menu that can all easily be made vegan, as well as fresh juices and smoothies (they even have a juice flight!). The cuisines are varied, but it’s all fresh, organic, locally sourced, delicious comfort food

Must try: the best avocado toast we’ve ever tried (and you can make it gluten-free).

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Silver Lake | Pickup + delivery

You can think of by CHLOE. as a bougie/healthy fast-food joint. Completely plant-based, you can get burgers, fries, milkshakes, cookies… or go the route of salads, bowls, or soups loaded with veggies. But the fun part? It’s all extremely healthy for you and the branding is BEAUTIFUL. Your eyes will be just as happy as your mouth.

Must try: our go-to is the Guac Burger with the ½ mixture of normal and sweet potato fries.

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Tocaya Organica

Many locations | Pickup + delivery

They call themselves “modern Mexican,” and while the menu is not 100% vegan, it’s super easy to make any item vegan. It’s build-your-own style, so basically you order the type of food you want (taco, burrito, bowl, salad, etc.) and then choose what kind of meat and cheese go in there. Think of Chipotle on health steroids. They even serve gluten-free burritos! 

Must try: no matter what you order, you HAVE to get a side of the guacamole with plantain chips. It’s the best guac you’ll ever have, we promise!

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Culver City + DTLA | Pickup + delivery

Photo from LA Downtowner

Ok. We’re not sure you’re ready for this. Please be sitting before you keep reading. Ok, ready? Shojin services Japanese food that is plant-based, gluten-free, and macrobiotic. So basically you are eating food that is healing your gut. And the best part? It’s mouth-wateringly delicious.

Must try: Truffle Maitake & Shiitake Tempura is heaven in your mouth.


True Food Kitchen

Santa Monica + Pasadena + El Segundo | Pickup + delivery

TFK was started by a doctor of integrative medicine (Dr. Andrew Weil, you might’ve heard of him) along with several accomplished chefs. What does this mean? That not only is the food here fresh and beautifully presented, as well as delicious and hearty (think burgers, pastas, pizzas, soups), but it’s also crafted to heal your body. The whole premise of this restaurant is that food should make you feel better, not worse, and they focus on anti-inflammatory ingredients. They’re also currently offering family meals. Not all vegan, but many vegan options.

Must try: the Ancient Grains Bowl is so warm and satisfying.

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DTLA | Pickup + delivery

Not only is this a super fun pizza joint in the middle of the LA Arts District, but it’s the best vegan/gluten-free pizza we’ve tried in Los Angeles. They have a variety of vegan “meats” to choose from (pepperoni, sausage, bacon), as well as vegan cheese, and the gf crust is so delicious (if you’re in that sort of thing). 

Must try: we love the Vegan Veggie – so many veggies in perfect harmony with each other!

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Blue Star Donuts

Silver Lake + Venice + Manhattan Beach | Pickup

Photo from Eater LA

Don’t think we forgot about dessert! Blue Star is a donut shop with natural ingredients and many vegan options. They’re woman-owned (hooray!) and pride themselves on making donuts from scratch, with fresh fruits, herbs and spices, and even liqueurs. With flavors like Orange Olive Oil, Blueberry Bourbon Basil, and Matcha Lime Crumble, it’s definitely not your grandad’s donut shop! All of their “cake” donuts are vegan, and you can grab a cold-brew here too.

Must try: it’s a close call, but we’ll vote for the Blueberry Cake!

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