Today we’re celebrating the beta launch of the Starcity mobile app to our members. It is a limited release as we prepare to iron everything out for the full release soon. It marks the end of a 6-month journey but the start of a much longer one: creating a memorable and seamless experience for our members from start to finish.

Here’s a little about how we got here.


Guiding Principles

Foster real-life connections

Starcity has always been about giving people community by connecting people to each other and to their city. The mobile app will let members learn about each other, talk to each other, and know what’s happening in their house and their city. 

Starcity mobile app directory
Members can find and learn about each other
Make it self-serviceable 

We want to make things that feel like a chores into things that are so easy and fast you don’t have to worry about it – submit maintenance requests and pay your rent right from the app.

Create the digital analog to our common spaces

We want to create safe, open places for people to connect and be themselves. We care deeply about delivering hygge at every touchpoint – that quality of coziness and comfort; that unsolicited warm smile at the end of a long day. With our app, you’ll carry hygge in your pocket.

Starcity mobile app chat and events
Members can chat with each other and browse and RSVP to Starcity events

When People Live Better Together, the Future Gets Brighter

We hope that this app makes living together both easy and meaningful. Unlike other social media apps, time spent in the app is not our measure of success – in fact, it’s the opposite. If you’re not on your phone, perhaps you’re finding your morning run buddy, meeting your new best friend, or discovering your new local coffee shop. 

We look forward to a future where we can nurture relationships among our members and connect new residents and locals alike to their neighborhoods and city. Maybe one day we’ll look back and hear:  

“Starcity is where I met my husband,” 


“I was iffy on San Francisco, but after Starcity it grew on me,” 


“Our deli was near the brink of bankruptcy until Starcity moved onto the block,”

– and a growing share of stories, anecdotes, and connections made through Starcity. Stars are a source of energy for the universe, and our goal is for Starcitizens to be a source of energy for their city. 

The Starcity app is currently available for download on iOS and Android for Starcity Members.