Starcity is building beautifully-designed, comfortable communal housing in San Francisco

With smart home technology and innovative space-design, our buildings are resource-efficient and aesthetically appealing. At Starcity, we are building our communities in a way that will reflect the diverse, eclectic nature of San Francisco itself.

We are a team that represents the communities we want to build. We have more work to do on growing the diversity of the team and will continue hiring from a wide-ranging candidate pool to ensure that we build (a) warm, uplifting and empathetic communities and (b) sustainable urban housing.

Here’s a little more about us

Jon Dishotsky is the CEO. He has lived in San Francisco since rent for an apartment was ~$1,000 (a long time ago). He grew up in Palo Alto, where his family fostered a communal lifestyle with people from around the world. They shacked up in the family’s cottage and developed a deep sense of (hippie) community spirit. People from all walks of life orbited Jon’s home: Francois Groff the French engineer, Ade Mabogunje the Nigerian designer, Olaf Gotestam the Norwegian student, Rob & Stacy Woolsey, the Alaskan couple. These were real-life people who taught Jon so much about the world.

He has a strong sense of social justice as well — Jon spends time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco. He has helped the non-profit raise half a million dollars over the past decade. In his previous career he helped the top startups in San Francisco find and build out cool offices.

One of the startups that Jon helped is The SF Vault, which is how he met Mo and Jesse.

Mo Sakrani, CPO and Jesse Suarez, COO, have known each other the longest of the crew. They attended UC Davis School of Law together and built a couple of products prior to Starcity in the financial tech and social spaces. Their first real-estate focused product was designing and operating The SF Vault, one of San Francisco’s top co-working communities.

Mo has lived in shared, communal housing his entire life, from growing up in a tiny NYC apartment with a family of six to his current San Francisco apartment that he shares with a group of four. He’s been a San Francisco resident for the past four years, designing software products and hospitality experiences. He has a passion for space-design, community-building and shared experiences.

Jesse lived in a communal house during his undergraduate days at UC Berkeley. There he learned the power of sharing resources and community interaction. Jesse was living in San Francisco until rent increases caused him to move east to Oakland. Jesse has a passion for deal-structuring and operational excellence.

Josh Lehman, CTO has built several consumer software applications and most recently taught JavaScript at Hack Reactor. He’s an avid sailor and active in the Clojure programming language community.

Josh is a real hacker. He recently competed in a sailing race against well-funded competitors by repairing a boat that was essentially useless. Along with two friends, he raced from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska and came in the top five against experienced sailing teams. Living on a tiny sailboat for several weeks taught Josh many things, including how to be resource-efficient.

We are deeply committed, authentic, hard working entrepreneurs who have experience in building software, physical spaces, and communities. We have felt the pain points around housing that many in San Francisco face today. It’s what inspires us to give back by improving the processes around securing housing and increasing overall supply.

If you know anyone who has the same deep commitment to transforming the housing situation in San Francisco, please reach out!