A visit to San Francisco will give your camera a workout. If you’re going to San Francisco, you’re gonna see some Insta-worth photos there. 

You’ve heard the saying, “The most Instagrammable summer I ever spent was in San Francisco.” (Well, something like that…) Here are some of the most Instagrammable spots you’ll definitely want to post to your page. 

Golden Gate Bridge 

We’ll start with the obvious. The iconic bridge is what everyone thinks of when you say “San Francisco,” so it’s a natural choice for your Instagram page. It’s not just a way to get back and forth; it’s a symbol of SF. Whether you snap a picture of the entire red bridge from a distance, or prefer a close-up, you’re sure to take a stunning image added to your ‘gram. 


The streets and alleys of the nation’s oldest Chinatown are perfect for social media. You can check out the street signs in Chinese and English, capture images of the Chinese architecture, and taste some roasted duck or noodles. It’s an authentic part of San Francisco’s story, and will grab lots of likes and comments on your Instafeed.

San Francisco Botanical Garden

You’ll need a wide-angle lens to capture the 10 thematic gardens covering 55 acres. Take your Instagram page on a world tour: The San Francisco Botanical Garden is home to thousands of species from a variety of climate zones around the world — like the Andean Cloud Forest, and the Mediterranean and New Zealand. Get ready for some epic pics for your page. This stop is worth lots of likes, for sure. 

Lombard Street 

You may know it as the crookedest street in San Francisco. Cars zig and zag down the very steep hill, giving Lombard Street its charm, and you definitely want to post a picture of it! Not only is it visually appealing, Lombard Street is a workout!  Zoom in for a close-up, then hike to the top to get a different angle, and you’ll feel your heart rate rise. Maybe this scenic view is why LawnStarter ranks San Fran as the best city for hiking in 2021!  

Painted Ladies 

You’ll find these gorgeous tributes to another century at Steiner Street and Hayes Street, and they’re picture-perfect. These colorful Victorian and Edwardian homes are part of one of San Francisco’s historic districts. They’re now painted in different colors to accent their architectural highlights — and attract a lot of attention. Once upon a time, people bought postcards with the Painted Ladies on them. Now you just point your phone and post it to your Instagram.

The city of San Francisco is just a jumping-off point for the Instagram explorer. Once you’ve enjoyed the city, head outside city limits to other hiking spots like Muir Woods. Neither you nor your Instagram followers will regret a single picture taken in SF and beyond. 

Cynthia Schumacher is a freelance writer and photographer. She enjoys traveling around the country, taking pictures of waterfalls and wildflowers. Her past jobs include tech writer, museum docent, and strawberry picker.