Catalonia is known for a huge variety of things to do in and outside the capital. Even if you like the thrill of the sports activities or you prefer to chill for a bit, we bring you a series of plans: mountain trips, city activities and beach runaways at very affordable prices. Ideal for the summer time, you will only need to rent a car to enjoy these plans at only a few hours from your STARCITY home. 


CITY PLAN NUMBER 1: Go for a walk to “Carretera de las Aguas”

The Carretera de las Aguas is a famous pedestrian route that crosses Barcelona from one end to the other from the top of the Tibidabo Mountain. For the locals, this dirt road is an escape from the daily stress of the city – a getaway from the busy streets and car noises, a way to disconnect to connect with oneself. From up there, there is no problem that seems to matter enough, and without lots of efforts, the breeze washes it all away. 

Even if just for a walk, an afternoon run or simply to watch the sunset over the city – the Carretera de las Aguas is one of the most beautiful places you can go to without spending any money! The combination of outdoors activity with the charming views of the city as it changes its colors and the sun goes down, make a simple walk to reset your mind the most peaceful feeling. 

MOUNTAIN PLAN NUMBER 1: Take a long swim into the reservoir of “Llosa de Cavall”

Only 90 minutes away from Barcelona in the small village of Sant Llorenç de Morunys, you can find this scenario worth of our blog, the Reservoir of Llosa de Cavall. A kind of green and blue water surrounds this rocky and beautiful mountains that turn this valley into a magic place. 

For the nature lovers who seek silence and alternative plans to the crowded beaches, we offer you the opportunity to spend a day in this beautiful location. For those more adventurous and adrenaline junkies, we recommend to bungee jump from the dam at a 122m fall which will make your hair stand to an end. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, we recommend to get some canoes and discover the immensity of the surroundings and discover the little secrets that hidden in the rocks. 

Whatever your style is, it is inevitable to end the morning with a long swim in the refreshing water and a good lunch in any of the local restaurants, where we recommend the meat in any of its forms, typical of the region. 

BEACH PLAN NUMBER 2: Lunch at Far Nomo

You will never imagine that a small light house at the end of a hill will ever become one of the most beautiful restaurants in Costa Brava. The Nomo Group, renown group of Japanese restaurants in Catalonia and now in Madrid, turned the San Sebastià Lighthouse in one of the most singular places with views to the Mediterranean Sea. The Far Nomo is open all year and offers a huge variety of Japanese cuisine that will leave you speechless. The combination of a great raw materials and the tremendous skills, vision and creativity in any of its dishes, and the marvelous views, make this place of the Costa Brava a must see any time of the year. 

In Far Nomo you can have lunch or dinner in the interior of the remodeled lighthouse with a Mediterranean style or in its fantastic terrace which separates every table with the perfect use of plants, creating very intimate and almost private feeling tables. You can also enjoy Far Nomo with some cocktails during the sunset and live music! We recommend to book before going. 

Hurry up and experience these three plans because shortly we will publish 3 more! Hope you enjoy them!