Do you want to live in a trendy, upscale space but are worried about the cost?

When you choose coliving, you’ll not only be living in stylish digs, but you’ll also have exciting experiences that you just don’t get from renting a regular apartment–all at an affordable price. During the 1960s, the practice of coliving gained traction in Denmark as a more affordable option than traditional housing. After gaining popularity in Europe, coliving spaces have started making their mark in the U.S., and Starcity is offering some of the best coliving spaces in the world.

One of the benefits of coliving is the opportunity to reside in a more upscale place than would be affordable with a traditional rental. Starcity offers modern and stylish living spaces in some of the most expensive cities, making these areas increasingly accessible to those who would otherwise live elsewhere. People from all walks of life are beginning to see the advantages of coliving.

Why Students are Choosing Coliving

College students are prime candidates for coliving. Busy, on a budget and unsure of where you’ll end up when you graduate? Coliving spaces are an excellent alternative to dorm rooms. Dormitories can feel sterile and not homey at all. With coliving spaces, you will have more of an at-home atmosphere, plus your own room. Just think—you’re probably barely home anyway with all of your classes and studying.

Even better, instead of being locked into a rental agreement for the entire school year, Starcity has options like The Oakland Civic Center, which is centrally located in Oakland and offers 3 to 9 month terms. And as mentioned, Starcity has some of the best coliving spaces in the world—any of them will be an upgrade from a dorm room.

The best part? Choosing coliving spaces as a student can also open up your life to experiences that don’t revolve around your classmates.

How newcomers to a city benefit from coliving

If you’re looking to try out a new city, you might not want to commit to the length of a typical lease. Starcity coliving spaces provide an opportunity to experience a new city in luxurious accommodations for much less than a standard apartment rental. This way, you’ll be able to pack up and venture somewhere else without the stress of a yearlong lease looming over your head.

Choosing to live in coliving spaces can also help you meet new people. Moving is hard enough as it is, so living in a space that allows you to connect with others in similar situations makes it that much easier.

Digital nomads are typically attracted to the coliving lifestyle because it allows for traveling and checking out new places for as little or as long as you’d like. Want to try out moving to another country? Starcity now has coliving spaces in Barcelona, Spain!

Why young professionals love coliving

A single young professional has a lot on their plate. You’re working, socializing, maintaining your living space and paying all the bills on your own. Coliving spaces can help alleviate some of that stress.

You’re never home anyway, right? Why pay for an entire apartment when you can check out Starcity’s coliving spaces throughout the world? Coliving spaces are luxurious and well-maintained—and you won’t have to worry about furnishing them, either. Starcity has stylish coliving spaces ready for you, such as this one in Los Angeles.

If you’re a single young professional, you want to live the lifestyle of one. Coliving spaces can provide you with a luxurious living arrangement, and you might even meet some like-minded people during your stay.

How the elderly thrive in coliving environments

While coliving spaces are typically dominated by millennials, there’s no reason older generations cannot enjoy these modern, upscale living arrangements, as well. When you get older, maintaining an entire household often becomes too much to handle. Coliving spaces offer bi-weekly cleaning and keep communal space items stocked, leaving tenants with less worries.

Coliving can also provide a community environment for elderly folks to socialize and spend time with others if they don’t get out as much. When assisted living isn’t necessary, coliving spaces are a more cost-efficient way to opt out of living on your own.

On the other hand, maybe you have a home that can be converted into a coliving space. Offering up rooms in your house can be a great way to bring in extra cash.

Why single parents opt for coliving

Being a single parent is a lot. Between maintaining a household and working to make ends meet, there’s not much time left to spend with your kids. Plus, rent is expensive! Opening your doors up to people looking for coliving spaces can help you earn some extra cash. This added income will hopefully allow for more time to focus on your children.

Another perk to having colivers in your house? This lifestyle can mimic a family atmosphere. With communal spaces, you and your children will have people around to share experiences with. And if you have enough space to house multiple people, you just might be able to quit your day job and live full time on the housing income.

So, Why Coliving Spaces?

To sum it up, coliving spaces aren’t just for young people. Starcity offers stylish, modern coliving spaces for people from all walks of life at affordable prices in some of the most expensive cities. Instead of locking yourself into a yearlong lease in a new city, trying out a Starcity coliving space will give you the flexibility to change your mind.

If you’re a homeowner with extra space, such as a single parent looking to make some extra income, opening up your home as a coliving space is a great way to do that. Coliving is becoming an increasingly popular way of life that moves people away from traditional rental agreements and toward attainable homeownership.

Whatever your reason for trying out coliving, Starcity is sure to have something suitable for you. You’ll be living in style in no time.