Hi. I’m Julia. And I have what people call a “crazy” diet. I’m vegan, gluten free, and avoid: coffee, processed and natural sweeteners, soy, corn, and alcohol. I do eat salmon and collagen, for the record, but no other animal products. 


Why do I eat this way? Because I got super sick with a gut disorder called SIBO, and realized that so many foods that are normalized in our culture are actually heavily inflammatory to our system. So I started eating clean. And while at first you might think “I could never do this, I need my _______ (wine, chocolate, etc.),” it’s actually way easier than you’d expect… once you actually begin. Your taste buds change, and you start noticing and valuing the added energy and lack of stomach pain and gas and bloating, so the foods that made you feel worse are no longer appealing. They’re a very temporary joy, and they’re not worthwhile. 


Because of my diet (I like to call it a lifestyle since it’s a permanent decision) I get SO many questions about what I actually eat in a day. Curious? Ok ok, I’ll tell you. Here’s everything I ate recently on two different days.





Gluten-free oatmeal made with oat milk, add in collagen and fresh or frozen raspberries (mix up the raspberries until they’re fully mixed in with the oatmeal)

Earl grey hot tea with steamed oat milk (no sweetener)

I usually eat a late breakfast because I’ve been intermittent fasting for years and I don’t get hungry in the mornings anymore. But I’m a strong believer in eating when you’re hungry (just don’t eat when you’re bored).



Gluten-free vegan quesadilla (gluten-free tortilla with vegan cheese) 

SkinTe collagen sparkling tea

Who said you can’t have comfort food with this type of eating lifestyle? Just make it vegan and gluten free and you can have quesadillas, burgers, hot dogs, everything! On days that I don’t have oatmeal with collagen for breakfast, I try to get collagen in a different form (here in a sparkling tea).



Cooked vegetables (broccoli, bell pepper, sugar snap peas, asparagus) with salmon and a vegan garlic creamy sauce. + kombucha. 


Very easy to make and very tasty. You can sub kombucha in place of your usual wine or beer in the evening. Kombucha is full of probiotics so it’ll actually improve your gut function and make you feel better.

After dinner snack:

TJ’s Sweet Plantain Chips


I tend to have a snack after dinner because you only live once right? 😉




Gluten-free toast with vegan butter, avocado, smoked paprika

Earl grey hot tea with steamed oat milk (no sweetener)


Easy, quick, filling and delicious breakfast. 


Veggies with hummus


Super simple lunch but very effective and delicious. I always keep cut up veggies around so that it’s easy to reach for them and eat them.


Gluten-free vegan burrito bowl (broccoli, asparagus, bell pepper, black beans, rice, avocado)

Gluten-free vegan quesadilla (gluten-free tortilla with vegan cheese) 

Super easy to make (just cook everything and throw it together). You won’t feel heavy and bloated after even though it’s Mexican food because it’s all super clean. 


After dinner snack:

Frozen strawberries.

The perfect snack if you’re craving something sweet. Good replacement for ice cream!

Hoping this gave you a better idea of how easy it actually is to eat clean! All of the food here will leave you feeling energetic and light, rather than heavy and lethargic. Remember: food is medicine!